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REIP (Entrepreneurship Intern Program)
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Rensselaer Entrepreneurship Intern Program (REIP)

Designed to assist MBA students in understanding the opportunities and challenges of working within a startup or early stage company.

Students engage in ten-fourteen week, intensive internships with selected entrepreneurial firms, gaining firsthand experience in working with management challenges typically faced by start-ups. In turn, participating companies gain the help of top-notch students on projects that otherwise may not have been undertaken.

Currently, two options are available. The first takes place during the winter break, when many students stay on campus in Troy and desire additional practical training, and continues into the spring semester. The second option is conducted over the summer break as a traditional internship.





MBA’s or MS MGMT students with 1 semester of coursework completed

MBA’s with 1 academic year of coursework completed


Course Credit



14 weeks, mid-December through the end of March

10 weeks, late May through mid-August


40 hours/week until the third week of January; then 10 hours/week

40 hours/week

Additional student requirements

- Class meetings every 2 weeks on Wednesday morning for 2 hours.
- Completion of 4 papers and a bi-weekly journal.
- Final presentation to Severino staff and other interns.
- ompletion of 3 surveys/feedback forms over the 14-week period.


- Completion of a bi-weekly journal
- Final presentation to Severino Center staff and other interns.
- Completion of 3 surveys/feedback forms over the 10-week period.

More Info

Additional employer requirements

Completion of 2 surveys/feedback forms over a 14-week period.

Completion of 2 surveys/feedback forms over a 10-week period.


REIP Company Testimonials:

Divjot S. Narang, Managing Director,SBTIF Small Business Technology Investment Fund, Venture Capital Fund, NYSTAR: "The Severino Center provided us several highly qualified candidates to choose from. Our MBA 2010 intern was instrumental in aiding us with complex research and analysis related to new investment opportunities and to the portfolio currently held by NYSTAR-SBITF. We hope to be able to avail SBTIF to REIP enabled interns in the future”

Darius Sabavala, Managing Partner, Janus Enterprise International LLC: "REIP is an innovative concept that made it economically feasible for our company to have a well-qualified summer intern.  In a tough year for management consulting, it was a pleasure to have a bright, dedicated, hard-working colleague as a part of our team."  

REIP Student Testimonials:

Suni (Shelly) Wei ‘12 MBA: “I got the chance to know myself, discover my strengths, weaknesses and potentials. My REIP experience serves as great milestone for my career.”

Bhargavi Nagarajappa ‘11 MS MGMT: "REIP not only provides an opportunity to gain experience in start-up (entrepreneurial) companies but also gives an opportunity to discover oneself as well."

Course Instructor Testimonial:

One CEO checked out the course textbook and was so impressed with what she was learning that he had all his employees do the homework as well. The chapter dealt with Vision. To the CEOs surprise, when he asked his employees to share their understanding of the firm’s vision, they all had different answers. So they discussed and came up with one unifying vision.

Companies Seeking Interns

Qualifications: Companies must be in the start-up phase (less than 10 years old) and ready to expose students to meaningful work in the world of entrepreneurship.

If your company could benefit from this program, please complete the REIP Company Interest Form and submit it to the Severino Center Director at

Winter Program

  • Employer applications are due mid September
  • Severino Center contacts employers to discuss info session
  • Employer info sessions are held in late September
  • Interviews are held in mid-to-late October
  • Matches are confirmed by mid-to-late November

Summer Program

  • Employer applications are due in early March
  • Severino Center contacts employers to discuss info session
  • Employer info sessions are held in mid March
  • Interviews held mid-to-late March
  • Matches are confirmed by mid April

Dates provided are just a guideline and are subject to change.

FAQ: Hiring International Students


Students Seeking Internships

If this program is of interest to you, please contact the Center
Director at to discuss the possibilities.

Winter Program

  • Resumes are due in early October
  • Interviews are held in mid October
  • Offers are made by early November
  • Internships start late December
  • Internships end in early April

Summer Program

  • Resumes are due in mid March
  • Interviews are held in mid to late March
  • Offers are made by mid April
  • Internships start early June
  • Internships end in mid August


Entrepreneurship Continuum

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